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Simple tips to make the choice of your mosquito trap easier

How to know which product will solve your problems with mosquitoes and midges?

What you need to know first and foremost is that there are two types of techniques; Traps that reduce the population in your area, or a repellent that keeps the mosquitoes away at a distance. If at first the trap is successful at reducing the population then the problem is solved and that is what we recommend you do in taking the first step..
We use different kind of parameters to be able to guide you to the most optimum solution. There are 3 factors of the utmost importance::

How dense is the population of mosquitoes in your area?
What are the conditions of your environment and area regarding wetlands, streams and light allowance?
What are the types of mosquitoes and midges that bother you and the area surrounding you?

With the help of these three estimates you can find a mosquito-trap that with the least amount of time solves your problem against mosquitoes and midges. Our costumer service is of course more than willing to help you review these questions and help you through choosing a mosquito trap.
Phone-number: 0046 31 788 16 30

Reducing the number and population of mosquitoes in your area takes time and patience and that is not always easy to come by. Summer is always shorter than what you want it to be, and what is harder is if you want the device to have an effect in a place where you will be spending only a short amount of time, then it is much harder to completely solve the problem. However, we are more than capable to provide you with quick and more short term solutions for you with the help of portable devices or repellent creams and roll-ons. In extreme situations your last resort will be to get a mosquito-net to keep them at bay.



Mosquito Trap & Mosquito Killer Specialists

Welcome to our store supplying you against mosquitoes and midges. Our mosquito trap have different sorts of methods and capacities regarding your needs and environment. They all have one thing in common and that is to create a mosquito and midge-free zone around you, your friends, your family, your house, your outside patio, your yard and also around bigger more troubled areas like your paddock and etc.

Here at you will find the leading brands in both applying an immediate solution by repelling the mosquitoes, midges and gnats, and also helping you create a long-term solution by reducing the mosquito population using our LPG-driven devices; Mosquito Magnet, Predator Dynamic, SkeeterVac, ThermaCell and MOEL.

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