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Mosquito trap placement and optimisation guide

For optimal trap performance we recommend that you follow the instructions below to find the "sweet spot" for your mosquito trap.

1. The right height

In order to optimise the trap for maximum effect it is important that the trap is set at the correct height. The optimal height is between 40-70 cm from the ground, measuring from the bottom of the trap.
The Mega-Catch-traps have a specially designed tripod for optimum height placement.
The SkeeterVac is optimized as it is mounted on a small cart.
The Amplecta AMT 64 is ideally hung 40-70 cm off the ground, for example from a tree.

2. In the shade

If the mosquito trap is placed in direct sunlight the mosquitoes will be more likely to ignore the trap. Excessive sunlight and heat might also decrease the mosquito’s attraction to the Octanol lure.

3. Wind direction

The basic rule is that the airflow carrying the scent emitted by the trap should interrupt the flight path of the mosquito on its path from the wetlands where the eggs are hatched to the location where you like to sit. It is therefore important to place the trap it a position which makes it natural for the mosquito to approach the trap.
The female mosquitoes (that sting) normally "hunt" upwind in order to easily drift back to the wetlands or marches once they have stung their pray. This means that in a northerly breeze, you should ideally place the mosquito trap in the northern corner of your garden in order that the scent creates a "path" between the place where the mosquitoes hatch and the terrace you are looking to protect. Make sure that the “scent path” does not cross the area you are looking to protect, i.e your terrace, as this will lead the mosquitoes straight to you rather than the trap.
Try to place the mosquito trap in a shielded area with minimal wind. This makes for a more even spread of scent around the trap.

4. The right distance

If you place the mosquito trap too close to the area where you usually sit the mosquitoes might be attracted to you - the real thing - on their way to the trap.
The correct distance depends on which trap you use (you will find relevant instructions for correct trap placement in the user manual supplied with the trap). Overall the mosquito trap should be positioned a minimum of 10-20 meters from the area you want to protect.

5. Damp and humid environment

If possible, place the mosquito trap in a damp spot near a brook, stream or marshland.

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Here at you will find the leading brands in both applying an immediate solution by repelling the mosquitoes, midges and gnats, and also helping you create a long-term solution by reducing the mosquito population using our LPG-driven devices; Mosquito Magnet, Predator Dynamic, SkeeterVac, ThermaCell and MOEL.

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