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Mosquito bites

A mosquito bite occurs when you have been stung by a mosquito and your body reacts to the saliva of the mosquito. It can sting and itch, but it tends not to last for very long and is usually harmless.

Emergency Help for allergic reactions

If you react strongly to mosquito bites, you should seek medical care to ease the symptoms. For urgent cases (severe allergic reactions) call emergency number 112. When you are stung by a mosquito it injects saliva into the wound. The body reacts to the foreign substance in saliva and a mosquito bite occurs. The mosquito’s saliva contains the substance that make the bite itch. Mosquitoes may also spread diseases. In large parts of the world there are mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria. Try to avoid scratching the bite. It can aggravate the itch even further and the bite can become infected. If you avoid scratching at the bite it will heal faster.

Rapid Action - Co2 Booster-Kit
Rapid Action - Co2 Booster-Kit
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Mosquito Trap & Mosquito Killer Specialists

Welcome to our store supplying you against mosquitoes and midges. Our mosquito trap have different sorts of methods and capacities regarding your needs and environment. They all have one thing in common and that is to create a mosquito and midge-free zone around you, your friends, your family, your house, your outside patio, your yard and also around bigger more troubled areas like your paddock and etc.

Here at you will find the leading brands in both applying an immediate solution by repelling the mosquitoes, midges and gnats, and also helping you create a long-term solution by reducing the mosquito population using our LPG-driven devices; Mosquito Magnet, Predator Dynamic, SkeeterVac, ThermaCell and MOEL.

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